What do I need to bring with me?

Towel x 2 (1 for sitting on inside the sauna)
Drinking Water
Footwear for the water

Are there changing rooms?

 Yes, we have a small mixed changing rooms beside the sauna which can accommodate up to 6 people at a time.

Should I arrive before my slot begins?

You should arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your allocated time, so you have time to change beforehand. If you arrive ready to go there is no need to allow 10 minutes. 

How many people can you fit in the Sauna?

Up to 12 guests can sit together in the sauna. 

How long are the slots?

The slots are 55 minutes long and you can use that time to use the sauna and the river as many times as you like. 

Is the Sauna cleaned between groups?

Yes, the sauna is cleaned between groups.
Furthermore, due to the high temperatures and good ventilation, Finnish saunas are a very hygienic place. In Finland, the household sauna was considered the cleanest place and for this reason, it was the preferred location for childbirth.