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Rosses Point Sea Saunas

Our location in beautiful Rosses Point (dead mans point) combines rich sea views with the clean aesthetic of our hand crafted traditional Finnish wood-fired sauna and our beautiful Barrel sauna.

Our Stoveman and Harvia wood burning stove creates a constant heat, with dolomite stones that when wet, release a softer steam that fills the sauna.

A session in our saunas combined with cold water dips will leave you feeling refreshed, destressed and happy!

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River Boyne Sauna and Hot Tub

Bective Mill River Sauna and Hot Tub

Our beautiful site in Ireland's Ancient East and at the end of the River Boyne Blue way boasts amazing views of the beautiful Boyne river. The river also provides us with an amazing natural plunge pool which you will use between sessions in our hand crafted traditional Finnish sauna and wood-fired hot tub.

How to find us

Bective Mill House

Bective Mill House



Co. Meath


Rosses Point

Sligo Yacht Club,

Deadmans Point,

Rosses Upper,


(Enter via the swimming pool steps)

F91 E778

Sauna Health Benefits

Cardiovascular health.          

Sauna use mimics exercise as far as the heart is concerned.  Sauna use is widely recognised to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, as well as releasing endorphins that make us happy! 

Mental health.                        

Sauna use improves the mood and also sleep quality, which keeps sauna users coming back for more. Cortisol, the stress hormone is also reduced when you use the sauna. Causing an alleviation of  stress.

Chronic fatigue & pain.          

Sauna use in combination with cold water is a phenomenal treatment for pain and inflammation reduction. It can aid with disorders such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches and back pain.

Dementia & Alzheimers

It has been proven comprehensively that people who sauna regularly are over 50% less likely to get dementia or Alzheimer's disease in their lifetime than those who do not.  

Respiratory disease.                 

Sauna use reduces your chances of catching a cold and furthermore, reduces symptoms from diseases such as pneumonia.

All I can say is wow! What an experience. The guys have an amazing sauna in a stunning location right beside The River Boyne. What an amazing way to spend an hour on a Sunday. We did a few sessions in the sauna jumping in the river to cool off in between sessions. The sauna is spotless and Liam and Dan are very careful to santize it between uses. Will definitely be going back. There is also yoga here twice a week so check it out

Paula I.

Fantastic set up altogether. Surroundings stunning. The two lads who set it up are fairly impressive in what they've done. Sauna is spotless and the river is so refreshing! Loved it.

Stacey McW.

One of the most amazing spots in Ireland and the lads are gems

Simon B.